About Us

Like every other establishment, ours too started small, back in 2013. With expertise set in media communications and a core team passionate about the digital space, we combined our expertise with our zeal for branching out into the digital arena; extending our services to meet the digital needs of our clients. Today, Zakti Digital Services is known as a premier digital agency of Assam with client base extending to overseas market. We pride ourselves in providing well researched, measurable, value-added services to build your entire digital media repertoire - online brand marketing, content development, optimization, analysis, media monitoring, online brand communication, social media management and much more.

Zakti Digital Services

“We understand the changing dynamics of business. So what you receive from us are customized solutions backed with extensive research and creative expertise.”

Management Board of Zakti Digital Services

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Supratim Kashyap


With an Engineering degree in Computer Science and over 9 years of experience in the IT and consulting sector, Supratim is a professional with keen business acumen. His analytical decision making capabilities coupled with his expertise in the field of IT and consulting has enabled him to efficiently handle marketing communications which facilitates companies as well as brands to re-establish their image in front of their target audience.

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Kamal Singha


Kamal Singha brings his strong analytical skills to change the perception of Media in India. With over 11+ years of experience in the field of Media, he has converted his every thought into expansion of this vast medium to communicate and reach to business units and consumers alike. With Zakti, he has brought his prior media expertise to the digital world and helps clients in positioning their image in the online platforms along with connecting them to their consumer base. Kamal is also known for his creative writing skills and during his free time he indulges into writing poems and blog. He truly is an Indian when it comes to worshipping cricket